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South Holland Local Plan - Adopted July 2006
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Chapter 9
9.1 Day to day implementation of the Local Plan is through the use of its policies in determining applications for planning permission and other consents under the Planning Acts.  We intend to prepare development briefs for key development sites, as indicated in our Local Development Scheme. We will encourage prospective applicants to refer to the Plan before submitting applications.  Through advice notes and pre-application discussions, we will encourage applicants to consider the appropriateness of their proposals and perhaps improve them before submission.  For larger development proposals we will consider using our development team approach which brings together named officers from relevant disciplines to engage in discussions with the applicant.  We will continue to evolve our front line interfaces with customers, including the Customer Service Centre and our website
9.2 In order to ensure that the Plan’s objectives are achieved, we will not only use its policies in arriving at planning decisions, but also take enforcement action where necessary.  This includes action against unauthorised development and breaches of planning conditions.  Enforcement is a vital strand of the powers available to the Council for maintaining and enhancing the quality and amenity of the built and natural environment.
9.3 Key to the implementation of the Local Plan is the Council’s work with service providers, key stakeholders and developers.  We seek to influence the actions and investment priorities of a variety of other agencies in addition to those of the Council itself.  Doing so is of increasing importance to ensure that people have access to a range of services and facilities, jobs and a high quality environment.  In particular, we will work with the Rural Action Zone (RAZ), which is the Local Strategic Partnership in South Holland.
9.4 We have a number of Supplementary Planning Guidance notes which assist with the implementation of certain policies of the Plan.  Where necessary, we will review these or produce new-style Supplementary Planning Documents to further assist the use of the Local Plan.
9.5 We will regularly monitor the Plan against key indicators or targets associated with the main land use policy areas of the Plan.  The Council is now required by Government to produce an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) relating to its Local Plan / Local Development Framework and to submit it to them annually.  We will then publish that report.  As part of preparing for our new style AMR, we reviewed our indicators and targets (including those set out in the Sustainability Appraisal of the Plan).  We need to meet the Government’s minimum requirements for monitoring and collect information of particular relevance to South Holland, but not collect unhelpful information or set up so many indicators that we are unable to collect all the information with the resources available.  Where appropriate we will use monitoring information that is already collected by others.
South Holland Local Plan - Adopted July 2006
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9.6 We will also keep under review changes to the Regional Spatial Strategy, Government policy and advice, changes to the policies and intentions of other agencies, trends in the development industry and wider economy and changes to the development plans of adjoining authorities. Government requires us to keep under review the matters which may be expected to affect the development of the District or the planning of its development.
9.7 When monitoring indicates that a revision of planning policy may be required, or the preparation of new policy or guidance, we will consider programming such work within our Local Development Scheme. If monitoring indicates that the Plan’s intended strategy is not being achieved, for example if there is an insufficient delivery of new housing, then we will seek to manage the delivery if necessary by reviewing the release of land allocations. Monitoring of housing provision will need to cover all sources: extant permissions, allocated sites, urban capacity sites and windfall sites. Further information on the monitoring and phasing of housing is given in Policy HS2 and its supporting text.
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